Cast of Characters:

The Knight Sabers:

[Sylia's Picture] Sylia Stingray:
Tall, attractive, enigmatic...all words that have been used to describe the leader of the Knight Sabers. Sylia almost always appears to outside observers as cool and controlled, even unemotional. Her friends and teammates know better, however. Sylia is actually quite caring, and often agonizes over what she may be doing to her friends by including them in her private war with GENOM - although she does manage to hide that from them most of the time. Sylia's self-control has been tested in recent months by both SkyKnight's behaviour, and stresses being applied to the team by dangerous outside forces.
When on a mission, Sylia's approach is strictly no-nonsense. She uses her hardsuit and considerable combat skills to take out an opponent as quickly and directly as possible.
[Sylia's Hardsuit]
[Priss's Picture] Priss Asagiri:
Priss is considered the firebrand of the Knight Sabers, although recent events have served to temper her 'enthusiasm' slightly. Her headstrong and often gruff exterior mask a caring personality, one fiercely protective of her friends; casual observers are only going to see an attractive but tough young woman, a typical 'biker chick'. A rock singer in various locales around the seamier side of MegaTokyo in day-to-day life, Priss relishes the chance to don her armour and strike back at GENOM whenever the opportunity arises. The adrenaline high from the thrill of combat is something she relishes.
Recent injuries from some of her Knight Saber outings has somewhat tempered Priss's usual recklessness in a fight, but her style is still pretty much to plow in and keep blasting away until her opponent goes down.
[Priss's Hardsuit]
[Linna's Picture] Linna Yamazaki:
Athletic, graceful, and very pragmatic, Linna is the most down-to-earth and level-headed member of the Knight Sabers. Although she comes across to a few people as shallow and money hungry at times, she's actually a very caring person, willing to go to great lengths to help out her friends. Although originally an aerobics instructor, and even briefly a stock broker, Linna has returned to her dance roots as a choreographer for one of MegaTokyo's theatrical companies.
When in her hardsuit, Linna uses the combination of her natural agility, co-ordination, and weaponry to devastating effect. With the possible exception of Sylia, Linna's close-combat skills are the best in the group.
[Linna's Hardsuit]
[Nene's Picture] Nene Romanova:
The youngest member of the Knight Sabers, Nene is an attractive, slender woman with red-hair and bright green eyes. The electronics and computer expert of the group, Nene uses her cuteness in an elaborate act to mask her real intelligence and abilities at her day job, an officer with the ADPolice force. A recent promotion has made that a little more difficult to pull off, but since the promotion effectively gave Nene control of the ADP computer systems, she's not overly worried. Next to SkyKnight on some issues, Nene tends to be the most idealistic of the Knight Sabers, with a somewhat romanticized view of things. Recent events within the ADP forces, as well as complications in her life as a member of the Knight Sabers have matured Nene considerably; she's no longer the fresh-faced, naive young woman that Sylia originally recruited.
Nene is the electronic warfare specialist of the Knight Sabers. Her suit has extensive ECM and sensor suites as well as powerful onboard computers. Although armed, Nene's suit is not meant for front-line combat. She usually hangs back from the fighting, scanning for threats, and jamming enemy electronics.
[Nene's Hardsuit]
[Bert's Picture] SkyKnight:
Take one 20th-century Anime addict wtih chivalric leanings, dimensionally displace, add powered combat armour, and stir well. When he first 'arrived' in MegaTokyo, SkyKnight thought he was living a dream come true by managing to join the Knight Sabers and crusade against the evils afflicting the city with his own hardsuit. His rather idealistic approach to things, not to mention his unfortunate tendency to act first, and then ask Sylia later led to some friction between them. It also led to some very close calls for him, and the stark glimpses of his own mortality have served to fully wake SkyKnight up to the fact that what used to be fantasy in his home universe is very, VERY real in MegaTokyo. This, as well as having to come to grips with recent emotional and relationship problems have helped to mature him slightly.
SkyKnight's hardsuit was designed to be able to take large amounts of damage and deal out large amounts in return. Because his hand-to-hand skills aren't as good as Linna's, he tends to rely on energy beam weapons and raw firepower. (Lack of close-combat finesse doesn't stop him from plowing - usually with a sword - into a brawl with a boomer, though.)
[SkyKnight's Hardsuit]

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