Well, Bubblegum Zone wouldn't have enjoyed the success it has without the invaluable assistance I've received from a large number of people.

Editor-In-Chief: Jeanne Hedge has been invaluable in providing thoughtful and thought-provoking commentary, criticism, and editing. I think it's safe to say that I wouldn't have gotten where I am now without her help and encouragement. Domo Arigato, Jeanne! :)
Lead Artist: Denise Jones is the extremely talented individual responsible for the new title image for the Zone webpage, as well as the 'KnightWorks Tower' image on the main index page. Look for more art to come from her drawing table in the future. ^_^ (New SkyKnight hardsuit design courtesy of Adam Shanks, another artistically talented friend. ^_^ )
Technical Advisor: Andrew Stodden has been really helpful on the technical front, giving advice and even some historical information on weapons technology and military hardware. (Which reminds me, if anyone knows his email address now, please tell me! ^_^)
Assistant Editors: There's quite a few people in this list. I'll undoubtedly forget to mention some people, but I assure you, it wasn't intentional! Todd Hill, Andy Skuse, Darren Steffler, Barry Cadwgan, Brett Handy, and Kevin Eav have all helped in this capacity. Extra special thanks to the folks out there who've emailed with comments or moral support. That's one of the reasons I keep writing. ^_^

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