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Colour Artwork

Select one of the thumbnail images to see a larger version of the artwork. Many thanks to Denise Jones for her time and talent in creating these incredible pieces. You can see more of her excellent artwork at her own website and domain of "Eversummer Eve". It's an excellent website well worth the look. ^_^

Warning! These pages are graphics intensive, and it may take some time to load all the thumbnails!

MegaTokyo Knights: The first colour artwork request I made, this depicts SkyKnight looming over MegaTokyo, and the reactions of the various Knight Sabers to him. ^_^
Was it something I said?: Those of you familiar with the Bubblegum Zone can probably guess what statement SkyKnight has just uttered, judging by the reactions of the people in the picture. ^_^
Getting Ready: A picture depicting the Knight Sabers as they get ready to go out on a fairly typical mission. Although, given the expressions on certain people, you have to wonder just how typical it's going to be... ^_^

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