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[Rough sketch - SkyKnight vs. C-55 Boomers]
After far too long a time, I've managed to get the various Zone episodes turned into HTML documents. Extra-special thanks go to Jeanne Hedge for her invaluable assistance with this. ^_^
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  • Episode #1: (86 KB)
    The beginning of it all, when the Knight Sabers find themselves with an unexpected guest on their hands.
  • Episode #2: (102 KB)
    The Knight Sabers' newest member is still trying to get his bearings. Will it be before Brian J. Mason can get his sinister plan carried out?
  • Episode #2.5: Road Runnings (95 KB)
    (Author's note: This really should have been Episode #3, but it was written out of sequence) There's a lull in the hectic pace of life, and the Knight Sabers use it to full advantage and relax, Priss even going so far as to give SkyKnight some pointers on motorcycle riding. Then a massive black car comes hurtling out of the night, with just one thing on its driver's mind.
  • Episode #3: (229 KB)
    A flood of enhanced combat boomers has hit the streets lately, increasing the number of rampages the Knight Sabers must deal with. What is GENOM up to? And how is a crash-landed shuttle going to affect current events?
  • Episode #4:(184 KB)
    Who is sending hit squads of Doberman Boomers after the Knight Sabers, SkyKnight in particular?
  • Episode #5: (248 KB)
    The Knight Sabers find out who is pulling the strings on the Doberman attacks. At the same time, GENOM steps up its private war on the armoured group by releasing a vicious new boomer with the sole purpose of killing the Knight Sabers. Meanwhile, Nene is having to contend with babysitting the Chief's inquisitive niece, and the routine physicals for the Sabers.
  • Episode #6: (228 KB)
    GENOM has been extremely quiet due to some economic reversals, and the Knight Sabers haven't had any jobs in weeks. Everyone is busy relaxing, and Sylia goes on vacation. Then unexplained bodies start showing up, and a high-powered armoured mercenary team, The Illegal Army, comes to town.
  • Episode #7: (341 KB)
    The Illegal Army may be gone, but the mysterious murders continue, and the hints of a malevolent plan begin to show in the carnage. By the time the full extent of the plan has been discovered, it's much too late for some, especially when an old enemy everyone thought was dead returns to settle a score.
  • Episode #8: (365 KB)
    Sylvie's in trouble. Someone is intent on capturing her for some reason, and isn't concerned about who or what they have to go through to get her. After she turns to the Knight Sabers for help, she and SkyKnight are captured by their foes. Then the real terror begins, as the full extent of their captor's plans becomes apparent...
  • Episode #9: (940 KB)
    The road to recovery is long and arduous. Nene and Priss struggle to recover from the wounds incurred in the Knight Sabers' disastrous last mission, while SkyKnight tries to deal with the emotional scarring inflicted on him by Hollister. Through all this, Sylia tries to hold everything together while GENOM plots more sinister doings.
  • Episode #10: (1,018 KB)
    Hollister resurfaces, and this time he's even more dangerous than before. Not only is he merely days away from having a working Battlemover prototype, he's coming dangerously close to discovering who SkyKnight really is. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting Knight Sabers are trying to put their lives back together and planning a birthday bash for Sylia.

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