Ben Cantrick's Priss HardSuit

From: Ben "The Cyber-Terrorist" Cantrick
Subject: All your hardsuit are belong to me!
Date: 2 Jul 2002 21:05:19 -0600
Organization: Raven's Garage, Megatokyo, JP

I was too poor to bid on them when AnimEigo put the wearable constume hardsuits up for sale on EBay, but other people apparently weren't. (Lucky bastards.) But as it happens, apparently I was the first person who came to mind when someone was doing housecleaning, and well, guess what the mailman brought me today?

I've actually known it was coming for a couple of days. Thanks a lot to the person who sent me this - you know who you are. :]

The suit is definitely made for an asian woman. I couldn't even get my hand into the arm pieces, except the claw one. I dismissed the idea of getting to the helmet or chest piece out of hand.

There were no legs with the suit. As I was saying to the person who sent it to me, I'm really not sure if I want to know what some fanboy was doing with just the leg pieces. Regardless, I would like to get this whole suit together, if only because half of the suit sitting in the corner of my room looks really dorky. (Well, dorkier than a WHOLE hardsuit sitting in the corner of my room... right?) So if you know who got the legs, let me know.

AE wasn't kidding when they said this things needs some TLC. There are numerous scuffs and some pretty nasty tears in the material - which is some kind of plasticy stuff, despite looking very metal-like in the pictures. The suit really looks much better in pictures - dramaticly so. I expect a bright spotlight shining on it would have a similiar effect.


P.S. So I told my friends on IRC about this, right? And the first thing my ex-girlfriend says to me is: "So, who are you going to get to wear it? ;D"

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