Corporate Genom Tower

Location:Okubo and Meji streets
Owner:Genom Corporation Ltd.
Purpose:Main Headquarters for Genom Company Limted
Capacity:2200 persons
GENOM - Genetic Ecosystems by Noisy Multinationalists. The Genom Tower is the most ominous structure in all of Mega Tokyo. The large conglomeration occupying this building has created a fortress after buying the land from right under the noses of the householders. To add art to the design, 3 large concrete pillars stand equally apart around the huge Genom Tower Pyramid. Genom Co Limited is the main manfacturer and researcher of many cyberbiological products, especially Boomers. There have been idle conversations that Genom has been desigining special combat-type Boomers which are a violation of the federal law. This information from the Reasearch and Development departments have been classified. The office of the Chairman Quincy is also located here as well as Executive offices of Brian J. Mason and Kate Madegan. Scattered throughout the rest of Megatokyo are the subsideraries of Genom Co.
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Created by Michael Ko
Created: January 15, 1995
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