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JPEG of the map of MegaTokyo from "B-Club Special"


From 2032-2033 AD, a group of women called the ``Knight Sabers'' worked against the forces of evil in the city trying to rebuild itself. MegaTokyo, which was destroyed after the Second Great Kanto Earthquake in 2025, is the backdrop of the adventures between these women and their formidable enemies. From Genom to J.B. Gibson, they used their extraordinary skill and hardsuits to defeat their opponents to provide a safer MegaTokyo. This WWW site is an illustrated layout of MegaTokyo. It is based upon information that was collected from the eight "Bubblegum Crisis" OVAs, the B-Club Special Book ``Bubblegum Crisis, The Story of the Knight Sabers 2032-2033'', Bubblegum Crisis B-Club Visual Comic '88, and the Bubblegum Crisis B-Club Visual Comic '89. All possible attempts have been made to make keep the roads, locations, and statistics of relevant buildings and areas as accurate as possible. You will start your journey in the heart of bustling Mega Tokyo. So, sit back and enjoy your trip through the fantasy and, at times, frightening realistic world of MegaTokyo, home of the Knight Sabers.


New Info for April 10, 2007

Dr Raven - I always liked Michael Ko's Interactive Megatokyo map website, but the site kept disappearing from time to time so I did a grab of the website's files and images and I've archived the site here at There are a couple of pages missing which will give an error so until I can fix them just click your Back button. I hope to add more pictures and include an clickable map feature as well.

P.S. - Michael, if you're reading this please email me. Your last known email address no longer works and I'd like to contact you regarding the use of this site. Thanks!

UPDATE: Apr 2007 - I did hear back from Michael who was pleasantly surprised to find his map was still active :)

New Info for January 16, 1996

A single WWW page has been created that has links to 20 other Bubblegum Crisis related Homepages. Thanks to all of those who posted URLs to the BGC ML. You can access the page from the main WWW page.

New Info for December 15, 1995

All of the pages with graphics have been updated with the grey background/ table template. Once me graphics are scanned, the rest will be converted. Also, the connections between the different sites will have to be redone. New information will be added to the individual pages as soon as possible.

New Info for December 13, 1995

Essentially all old graphics throughout the world have been replaced with smaller and better scans of the same or similar pictures. The next step will be to replace the old WWW pages and use the new template (boxes with dark grey background.)


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