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[Bladestryke - Awesome Artwork by Dave Nakayama. (^_^) ]
Owls hoot in the trees, and the moon casts a silvery sheen on the snowy ground. The cold wind whistles through the skeletal fingers of the trees lining a long laneway leading towards a distant tower. High above in the tower windows, a warm red glow flickers fitfully as woodsmoke curls invitingly from the chimney....
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    News, notices, and information about this site. (Updated November 3rd, 2010)
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    Other projects. Currently featuring my digital colouring project, and some non-anime fiction.
  • The ArtWorks:
    I'm very fortunate to be able to count several very artistically talented people as good friends, and this webpage showcases the commissioned artwork that they've created for me. (^_^) (Last updated June 30th, 2008)

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